With ever-changing market conditions, companies today not only need to think about traditional aspects of business such as earning profits, retaining customers and hiring employees but they also need to be aware of challenges in terms of corrupt practices, stealing and information hacks.

These issues may seriously tarnish the reputation of the Company and hence may result in eventual demise of the very concept of doing business.

It is in such times, that business need to have timely and relevant information with hands-on approach to handle these situation and making things right which shall not allow repeat of these corrupt practices.

Grant Thornton’s forensic professionals have targeted solutions for such difficult challenges. Our discreet professionals combine experience, subject matter knowledge and deep industry expertise across the globe. Our internationally integrated forensic, investigations and litigation teams are adept at uncovering and presenting economic evidence, detecting and deterring fraudulent activity, and supporting companies involved in an existing or pending litigation, alternative dispute resolution proceeding or investigation.

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Our teams offer specialist solutions in the following areas:

We carry out specialized accounting and investigative services and provide expert witness reports and opinion for legal cases involving DIFC, Dubai Courts and arbitration centres. Grant Thornton through its Partners is authorised to act as expert witness in both jurisdictions. Areas of our expertise include litigation involving construction and other service contracts, hospitality and real estate disputes, legal matters involving retail lawsuits, valuation differences and calculation of loss of profits either due to business disruption or breach of contract.

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