At Grant Thornton, we believe that no value is added if audit firms are mostly there to rubber stamp opinions. With our expertise and close partner involvement together with the significant pool of experience, true value is added.

The UAE team have a long-established audit practice with specialists who have supported dynamic businesses to grow.  The team have access to more than 18,000 people who are committed to delivering best-in-class assurance services in over 130 countries.  Our local team provide the following services:

  • Financial statement audits
  • Audit related services
  • Specialized assurance services
  • Technical accounting & reporting advice and solutions
  • Attestations & certifications

A culture of quality

We approach each audit with sharp thought and straight talk. In addition to verifying that financial results are fairly presented and meet applicable professional standards, we provide observations and insight into the real performance of your business.  Our firm is subject to the dedicated quality monitoring programme that focuses on the six elements of International Standard on Quality Control (ISQC) 1.  This rigorous approach helps make sure we deliver consistent, quality services for our clients worldwide over the longer term.

Delivering efficiency through technology

We use the latest Audit Software tools and approaches when auditing typically high volume areas as this ensures the maximum level of assurance is delivered in the most cost effective manner.  We continuously evaluate our audit methodology and software applications and provide updated versions annually.  Additionally, we have access to and apply a multitude of autonomous systems which drive effectiveness and efficiency. 

A single global audit approach

We use one audit methodology globally, which means we can offer you consistent, high quality services wherever you are in the world.  Our audit methodology, Horizon, features a partner-led process that focuses our audit efforts on those areas of your financial statements that represent the greatest risk. Horizon also features integrated quality-control processes, including policies and procedures for engagement quality-control review. To learn more, please refer to our Global Transparency Report below:

Grant Thornton International Transparency report 2023 [ 8962 kb ] 


What value we deliver to our clients

Our clients value having a specialist and dedicated accounting team, who can act as an independent sounding board to assist them in thinking through complex accounting matters. The summary of services we offer to our clients are as follows:

Business Combinations and Consolidations

  • Providing accounting and reporting support on consolidations including business acquisitions along with post acquisition support
  • Common control transactions

Convertible Securities

  • Appropriate equity or debt classification
  • Mix of other accounting and reporting complexities

Financial Instruments and Hedge Accounting

  • Accounting treatment of financial instruments
  • Accounting for financial derivatives and commodities contracts

Complex Accounting

  • Accounting memos on complex accounting standards
  • Treatment of these accounting standards as per the applicable guidance


  • We use our experience and insights on a wide range of accounting standards to assist clients through trainings.

Financial Statement and Models

  • Assist clients in the preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRSs
  • Review of complex financial models to ensure compliance with IFRSs

Accounting Policy Reviews

  • Preparation and review of enterprise-wide accounting policy frameworks and documentation

New Standards

  • Addressing complexities arising from proposed new accounting standards and guidance, including the impact on existing systems and processes

Accounting Advice

  • Implementation of new accounting standards
  • Technical advice on specific accounting standards under IFRSs and IFRIC

Our Audit & Assurance

Statutory Audit

We conduct an integrated audit, which combines the financial statement audit,independent and objective assurance on financial information, transactionsand processes.

Limited Review

We offer services relating to reviews of historical financial informationby expressing negative assurance on such historical financial information.

Agreed Upon Procedures

We engage with organisationsto perform specific procedures and report findings to conform to their needs.

Financial Reporting Advisory Services (FRAS)

Our team provides timely advice on the impact of accounting changes to assist businesses in the development of an appropriate implementation roadmap.