Putting a price on something or estimating its worth is never straightforward. Today, performing valuations are getting more and more complex with continuous changes in the regulatory and business environment.

More than before, valuation exercises are becoming common and a requirement for varied purposes including acquisitions, disposals, buyouts, restructuring, fundraising, financial reporting, statutory and legal.

At Grant Thornton, we can provide plausible, solid valuations and robust business models through providing you access to a team of financial valuators and modelers who are:  

  • multi-disciplined with wide industry exposure
  • with in-depth market knowledge and having access to the right valuation and modeling toolset
  • qualified, technical experts possessing the required analytical skills to understand the market dynamics
  • with a high degree of professional judgment

Our services include:

  • Independent valuation and modeling for M&A
  • Purchase price allocation and intangible valuation
  • Impairment testing for various assets
  • Develop bespoke business and operational models
  • Financial model reviews and audits
  • Fair value opinions for financial reporting under IFRS

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