Financial due diligence will help protect a business from unexpected surprises whilst carrying out:

  • acquisition of a business in the UAE or overseas
  • private equity investments
  • disposal of a business
  • listing in overseas or UAE markets
  • project financing or pre-lending reviews

The Grant Thornton approach offers you high quality analysis and valuable business insights to guide your decision-making and reduce your risks.

Due diligence can provide information and insights on:

  • the operations of the target business, including highlighting the levels of sustainable income
  • appropriateness of the accounting policies adopted by the target
  • the key financial and commercial risks of doing the transaction
  • warranties and indemnities that should be obtained to form part of the sales and purchase agreement
  • deal closing advice and negotiation points that will prove useful at the transaction finalisation and completion stages

The financial due diligence process is a necessity to any transaction and is one in which Grant Thornton has a long and established track record. Our aim is to enable owners and managers to make such investments with confidence by supporting and advising at every stage. We will help reduce the risk – and stress – of investing at home or in another country.

Our services include:

  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Agreed upon procedures reports
  • Sell side preparation and data room management
  • Completion accounts review, SPA support

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