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M&A and Transactions

Assisting You in This Unprecedented Period

The Current Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact global markets and businesses, and the repercussions are here to stay for the long-term. Lenders are faced with a number of critical difficulties when considering loan restructurings. Similarly, on the other side of the spectrum, businesses are confronted with lack of liquidity creating issues in their repayment capabilities.

With the current atmosphere, lenders and borrowers need to stay on top of the rapidly changing circumstances, and are advised to leverage expert support.


Our Support

Here we have conducted a high-level analysis on the key challenges of both the lenders and borrowers, along with a 5-step guide to assess potential cash flow and credit risk that exist in the current crisis.

In addition, our M&A and Transactions Advisory team, from a debt advisory perspective, have created a cash flow and credit analysis tool by focusing on key pain points that are of critical importance to any business’ loan repayment ability and viability - both of which are critically important to lenders as well as borrowers.


Speak to our experts and get in touch with Salmaan Khawaja, our M&A and Transaction Advisory Partner, Samer Hijazi, Head of Grant Thornton Abu Dhabi and FS Partner, Colm Treston, M&A and Transaction Advisory Director and Fadwa Sahly, Transformation Advisory Director, to stay ahead of the rapidly changing market dynamics.