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55 Years of Service in the Emirates

  • Global professional services firm with family values commemorates milestone at gala event
  • Partners to notable legacy family businesses in the Emirates and key regulatory authorities

Grant Thornon, the UAE's fifth largest professional services firm, celebrates its 55th anniversary at a lavish gala event. This milestone marks the award-winning firm's expertise and commitment to their clients across the Emirates.

While the firm's initial roots lied in auditing, Grant Thornton quickly expanded its services to offer business advisory and tax advisory - all of which have been consistently recording double-digt year-on-year growth for the past five years.

"We are delighted to celebrate this milestone with our team. We were fortunate to be a part of the nation's transformative journey since the birth of the nation and look forward to being a core supporter of all that is tome come. Throughout the years, Grant Thornton has formed strong relationships with businesses in the UAE and grown together in this journey. We look forward to a progressive tomorrow in line with the UAE leadership's vision for the nation," says Farouk Mohamed, Chairman, Grant Thornton.

Started as a small office in Dubai in 1966 by Chairman and founder Farouk Mohamed, the business was associated with large international professional firms from its inception and joined the Grant Thornton network in 1990 t obecome a global firm with family values. Headquartered in Dubai, the firm soon expanded to Abu Dhabi and to Sharjah.

A key advisor for family businesses, Grant Thornton has been a trusted partner and advisor to some of the biggest family-owned businesses. "We saw the UAE being built on the shoulders of family businesses, which shared values and ambitions and became the lifeline of our economy.

"We are proud to have the trust of many family businesses in the UAE and to have advised them along their growth journey for generations for sustainable growth. In addition, we also pride ourselves to be workign with most regulatory authorities in the UAE," says Hisham Farouk, CEO. "We are a company grown in the UAE and our mission is to help shape the future of the country."

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