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Health-Tech: An underserved industry within MENA

The global healthcare industry is currently experiencing a technological revolution, which may seem grandiose, however, we are witnessing a shift from traditional to modern- tech simulated healthcare, which will enable both medical professionals and patients to access new virtual resources, further aiding effectiveness and efficiency. 

We are encountering emerging trends which will inevitably transform the industry, these range from digital behavioural health treatment, telehealth, the use of big-data, wearables and the important role which blockchain will play going forward. 

Global healthcare spending is projected to increase from $8trn to $18trn by 2040, however closer to home this will account for $150bn across the MENA region by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% - one of the highest across the globe. 

We share further insight in this report into the opportunities which this digital evolution presents within the healthcare sector.