EU GDPR - just another compliance issue or an opportunity?

As an organisation you can treat the EU GDPR as just another compliance issue or you can use it as a business opportunity to drive more value from data and manage personal data in a way that will help you make more informed decisions and create a better experience for customers and other stakeholders.

Our specialist team offers solutions in the following areas:


  • Understand key changes this legislation has brought

Data protection quick check

  • Assess data architecture, processes, risk & compliance controls

Audit results and analysis

  • Identify current data risks in a business
  • Review how ready a business is for the GDPR

Implementation roadmap

  • Develop roadmaps that embeds regulatory & compliance architecture
  • Ensure plans are realistic and achievable for an organisation


  • Identify and document data processing activities
  • Carry out data impact assessments
  • Develop a data breach response action plan
  • Implement ongoing data protection processes.
  • Write detailed data protection policies
  • Define standards that ensure an organisation will meet the GDPR
  • Appoint a data protection officer
  • Appoint a data protection management system for ongoing control

Measure data protection effectiveness

  • Assess the effectiveness of an orgnaisations GDPR efforts
  • Undertake a GDPR FIT/ GAP analysis or  ISO 27001 FIT/GAP analysis

Continuous improvement

  • Hold regular GDPR audits and Data Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Ensure data risk management is integrated into a structure
  • Regularly review an organisations data protection training needs