Our services include developing an effective approach which reduces time, cost and complexity whilst enhancing your performance through the application of governance and risk based solutions.

 Our services include:

Internal Audit and Quality Assurance of Internal Audit

We support your needs at every stage - in setting up and delivering the entire Internal Audit function, building on work already performed or partnering in a co-sourcing model. Our Internal Audit services deliver solutions that can help you address a full range of reviews around strategic, operational, financial and compliance risk areas. For our advanced clients, our experts help them performed quality assurance on their functions in line with the Global Practices of the IIA.

Transformation of ERM & Compliance

Risk Assessment and Management is a structured, consistent and continuous process across the whole organisation, which identifies, assesses and decides on the responses to the risks, whilst reporting on the opportunities and threats which may affect the achievement of the organisational objectives. The integration and link of risk management and compliance is critical in minimizing the cost of compliance, while ensuring value add. Our experts work along with you to help you align your taxonomy and corporate frameworks to achieve your strategic objectives.

Developing corporate governance

Whether your company is fully listed or a private company wishing to adopt best practice, we work with you to develop bespoke solutions that strengthen governance structures. These structures underpin corporate performance, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance, where needed. Our specialists will work with you to identify key strategic drivers, operational processes and key inherent risks, linking these to your overall system of internal controls, risk management and compliance.

Developing Standard Operating Procedures and defining roles & responsibilities 

Policies and procedures are the strategic link between the company’s vision and its day-to-day operations. They allow management to guide operations without constant intervention, allowing the team to meet the strategic objectives. Our specialists help you develop policies and procedures, process maps and key controls, which facilitate the day-to-day operations and decision making. 

Internal controls design

Internal Controls are an integral element in all business processes. It is critical to build a strong, efficient and effective structure of controls to ensure that all functions and activities are achieving their strategic, financial and operational objectives. At Grant Thornton, we design integrated internal control frameworks that best serve our clients’ needs and challenges.

Customer journey mapping

Customer experience is defined by the nexus of the customer journey and the product/services offered by the company. Our specialists help you and your organization re-examine the way services are offered to yield the ultimate customer experience. Value additions are decomposed and inefficiencies are eliminated. The starting point of the transformation is innovating the customer experience.