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Thought Leadership

Gender Balance isn’t just right; it is the right thing for the bottom line

Many people – not just millennials, want to work for firms whose mission resonate with them intellectually, and align with their value system.

Purpose allows us to articulate what drives us and our businesses: it helps us understand the value we are sharing and delivering to our customers, employees and stakeholders.  When we understand and embrace our organization purpose, we are inspired to work beyond and take pride on delivering on our promises.

We, at Grant Thornton UAE (“GT”), believe in fostering gender balance in the workforce, as a matter of purpose. We’ve seen the positive, tangible effects when organizations put this view into action and how this translates into a bottom-line enhancing position.

If you are interested in learning more about our initiatives, and to explore ways to challenge ourselves and grow together, join us in conversation. We will be holding round tables and would love to hear from you.