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Data Protection Law

Are You DIFC Data Protection Law Compliant?

In the era of rapid technological growth, and especially in a post-COVID environment, data is becoming more and more valuable. Technological platforms are heavily leveraged at a global scale and are designed for users to share their personal information for almost all online activities. Businesses of all sectors and sizes also use this data to further enhance their processes and to better understand their markets.

However, and despite this positive shift in the way we do things and how businesses can operate, there is a concerning amount of non-compliance when it comes to some businesses accessing and using personal data. This is in addition to other concerns such as phishing scams and data theft.

To help manage such risk and to protect user rights, data protections laws are created and enforced in order to make sure information is used fairly, lawfully and transparently.

To that effect, DIFC has issued a new Data Protection Law on July 1st, 2020, and has announced that there will be a grace period, until 1st of October 2020, to comply with this Law.

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