FAQ: How we do business, our culture and global opportunities.

How can I learn about open positions?

We have many opportunities across our growing global organisation of member firms, both for experienced hires and graduates. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about opportunities in the UAE, please take a look at our current vacancies or contact us. For opportunities outside of the UAE, please check the relevant  website and contact details.

Can I apply for a job outside my home country?

You can apply for an open position(s) in more than 135 countries in which we have member firms. Your eligibility will depend on the role profile requirements, hiring country's qualification requirements, employment laws, work permit and/or visa requirements.

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How is Grant Thornton structured?

Grant Thornton is a global organisation made up of independent member firms in more than 135 countries. Each member firm is owned by its partners who have operational control of the business.

Grant Thornton firms are members of one international umbrella entity, Grant Thornton International Limited (GTIL). The global leadership team, headed up by our global CEO, Peter Bodin, leads this entity. GTIL teams work strategically with our member firms to support consistency and excellence in all of our activities around the world, helping to maintain the same high standards in each of our locations.

Where does Grant Thornton have offices around the world?

Grant Thornton has 58,000 people working in more than 135 countries across the globe. .

Do I need qualifications to join Grant Thornton?

Whether or not you need qualifications depends on the opportunities you are interested in and the local member firm’s requirements.

Do you offer internships? What programme would suit me best?

We firmly believe in providing work experience opportunities to help our future employees make the transition from education to employment. Many of our member firms offer work experience and internships. In some cases, internships can lead to permanent employment. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about opportunities in the UAE, please contact us.

What is Grant Thornton’s approach to diversity and inclusiveness?

Diversity is an asset that we use to meet the challenges of a changing world. We treat others as we would like to be treated regardless of their background.

We treat everyone fairly and do not differentiate on the grounds of ethnicity, race, religion or belief (or lack of), gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity, marital status, age or disability.

We value diversity of perspectives and encourage the same in our people and our clients. Diversity of mind is at the heart of our values, our interaction with our colleagues and the way we approach our clients.

We will apply our commitment to respect and value diversity at all stages of your potential employment with our organisation. Respect is one of our global values and these values underpin everything we do.

Many of our firms have implemented diversity practices and have been recognised for their achievements.

How can I get involved with my local community?

We understand the positive impact volunteering our time and skills has in our communities. There are many fantastic examples of this throughout our global organisation from individuals and teams – with education being a particular strength. We value our people’s active involvement and long-term contribution to our communities - especially within the UAE, where we actively get involved in supporting the community in which we live and work.

Do you provide information about or for your alumni?

At Grant Thornton, we make sure we nurture and deepen alumni relationships with people who choose to leave the organisation. In the UAE, we have a formal programme to continue developing this relationship.

How will I continue to grow as a professional?

At Grant Thornton, we have an ambition to grow, which creates an environment to support the ongoing development of our people, both graduate and experienced hires. Specific tools and programmes are available to reflect our commitment in this area.

A rigorous performance management process makes sure individuals have goals, a development plan and annual appraisal. Coaching, learning on the job, global assignments and learning programmes are key examples of how we support ongoing development. Find out about the Grant Thornton Difference.

What kind of training can I expect from Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton is committed to providing a broad spectrum of training opportunities for our people, across multiple disciplines – both technical and non-technical. A global learning team delivers programmes across the global organisation. In the UAE, we also deliver local learning programmes and eLearning initiatives.

Training is not the only facility to support the learning and development of our people. Ongoing coaching, on-the-job development, global assignments and the implementation of a rigorous performance management system are equally important. 

Once I join, can I work in another country?

As a growing global organisation, we are committed to providing international experiences for our people and have an established robust global talent mobility programme. Our programme has already facilitated 320 global assignments and this is just the beginning.

What influence will I have over my career progression?

We offer a high performance, growth culture that provides a variety of opportunities to help our people identify their aspirations and take responsibility for their careers. We offer many learning and development tools to help our people develop and grow. Your career progression at Grant Thornton will be a journey on which we support and encourage you.