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Economic Substance Regulations Webcast

Following the introduction of the Economic Substance Regulations ("ESR") in the UAE back in 2019, all the UAE-registered licensees are required to submit an annual notification to their respective Regulatory Authority.

Our Head of International Tax, Steven Ireland, and his team of experts had organised a successful webcast on this topic, covering:

  1. Who is subject to Economic Substance Regulations?
  2. Upcoming deadlines and potential fines for non-reporting
  3. Who are the relevant authorities?
  4. Economic Substance tests and examples
  5. The interactive Q&A session with the audience, addressing their main concerns on this topic

 Click down below to watch the webcast.

Connect with our team, Steve Kitching, Tax Advisory Partner,  Steven Ireland, Head of International Tax , Lancia Sequeira, Tax Manager and Amisha Anil, Tax Assistant Manager, for further information or questions.