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Can EXPO 2020 be best experienced during the pandemic?

The true impact of the pandemic is not going to be known for a while and no one knows for certain when the world will completely return back to normal - this uncertainty is here to stay for quite some time.

To that effect, it would be wise to move the EXPO2020 to a point in time when the dust has fully settled: this additional time will allow the organisors to better understand the full scale of the impact, prepare for, and provide any additional measures needed for Expo2020 to be experienced as planned.

Assuming the best possible scenario that the outbreak will conclude within a few months, the global anxiety will still be very much present for a while. Across the globe, there will be a certain level of apprehensiveness when it comes to traveling, and priorities would have had changed for countries, organisations and society at large.

Potentially delaying the EXPO2020 could be a positive step to ensuring that the hard work and the investment of everyone involved will be experienced as planned, and for it be known as one of the greatest events that Dubai has put on.

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