We go beyond business as usual to deliver a different experience. We are more personal, agile and proactive. We challenge conventions to find better solutions so our people, clients and communities can positively shape tomorrow.

We understand your business is powered by your people but disruptions affecting your most precious resource can come in many forms, including a crisis, which can impact business operations and resource allocation.

As a result, businesses may need temporary professional support to ensure continuity of operations and services. Organisations may also face pressures to allocate adequate resources to manage operations, meet evolving needs and deliver on projects.

Whether you need assistance with covering long-term sickness and maternity leave or require additional people you can trust during system migrations or the implementation of new technology, you can rely on Grant Thornton to help you meet your staffing needs. Grant Thornton’s staff secondment services serve you better with efficient and reliable solutions to mitigate the risks of emergency situations and unforeseen events.

Finding qualified, skilled professionals for a specific purpose and time period can be a significant challenge for many organisations. We alleviate that challenge with a talent pool of highly motivated and technically trained individuals who have excellent soft skills and the agility to adapt quickly to varied client environments.

Our team’s capabilities and experience span across a diverse range of industries to ensure we have the right people at the right time to deliver tailored solutions. You can even mix and match our available resources to meet your unique needs and budget!

How We Can Help You

Getting the right staff at the right time in the right place is the key to any successful team or business – and that is exactly how we can help you! We cannot predict the future, but we can help you shape it.

How can staff secondment services benefit your business?

Saving your money

Hiring staff incurs a lot of ancillary costs, such as employment visas, medical insurance and end of service benefits, over and above monthly salaries — we offer cost-effective solutions!

Breaking down temporary staffing batteries

Candidates often prefer permanent employment opportunities, which makes finding contract employees or short-term employees a challenge — we help you overcome this challenge!

Quick adaptability to your work environment

Our employees have a wide variety of exposure in multiple industries and hence can blend in into a new work atmosphere with minimum disruptions. Further for your tailored staffing needs, we conduct pre-screening interviews so you get the best candidate for the role.

Finding the right fit

Even though the market is flooded with candidates, it can be hard to find the right person — we work to understand your needs so we can identify and place the right candidate for you!

Saving you time

Raising a requisition for a new or replacement employee to onboarding a candidate takes time —we help you minimize the turnaround time and get the right people faster! Further, we can help you to sustain the position and minimise disruption to your business by offering you the option to replace the employees or cover them during their continued absence.

Our Client Promise

We make business personal. We are committed to identifying the right candidates to meet your requirements and support your business objectives. We also help you achieve cost savings in the onboarding of staff, including expenses related to recruitment fees, employment visas, annual air fare costs, medical insurance and end of service benefits.

We care about people and relationships. We support organisations by providing people you want to work with on a temporary or long-term basis for local, multinational and government entities to meet accounting, finance and reporting.