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Constant challenges for businesses when navigating complex global markets.

The rapidly emerging economies within the Middle East region are realigning their growth strategies to leverage the phenomenal evolution which has led way to one of the greatest economic story of the past two decades.  From a conventional viewpoint, the region is enduring structural shifts that will set the business agenda for the foreseeable future.

With an increase and focused shift in economic diversification and growth, comes the need for both the public and private sector to be well versed with such changes, whilst navigating any challenges, leveraging the growth opportunities and mitigating any technological or wider risk which they may be exposed to.

Our transformation advisory team is focused on delivering performance enhancing services which will support businesses through the changing environment.  We have a specialist team of local and internationally experienced advisors who have worked on transforming dynamic businesses across the region.

Our Transformation Advisory

Business Risk Services

Our business risk services team support clients in navigating through the challenges of evolving structural and risk pressures, the increased need to develop and implement effective governance structures, whilst mitigating any business risks which may occur. Our services include developing an effective approach which reduces time, cost and complexity whilst enhancing your performance through the application of governance and risk based solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide exceptional regulatory and compliance support to help you manage risk, strengthen internal controls, and improve business value.

GDPR Consultancy

We can help you use General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a business opportunity to drive more value from data.

Technology Advisory

Digital is playing an important role as governments explore how they can deliver services electronically as part of their reform agenda. This effect is also impacting the private sector, with an encouraging number of large owner managed businesses also migrating to new ways of working.

Business Consulting

The fundamental elements which drive organisational development include performance enhancement and people development. As dynamic organisations grow in market presence and prominence, so does their need to continue improving performance and its people strategy. Our team of business consultants have worked with growth-oriented businesses to drive change whilst optimizing cost.