Our team of specialists are committed to realising value for shareholders, in a way that recognises the interests of all stakeholders. Driven by a determination to find and implement optimum solutions for clients, which is delivered through the prompt commitment of dedicated and experienced resource using a cost effective and efficient approach.

Our Restructuring

Liquidation, Insolvency and Corporate Simplification

When looking to liquidate a company or simply receive advice, you need it from someone who can draw on years of experience in this area to assess all available options and then make sensible recommendations on how best to deal with your position. This may sometimes require a formal liquidation process.

Crisis Stabilisation and Turnaround

Where underperformance leads to a breach of banking facilities or covenants; or pressure from creditors or threat of withdrawal of credit lines, the business and its stakeholders need to appoint independent advisors with proven experience in such circumstances.

Operational and Financial Restructuring

Companies challenged by underperformance often require advice and support in identifying appropriate options for financial and/or operational restructuring in order to create a stable platform for business turnaround.