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Grant Thornton named as the Strategic Partners of the Year for 2015 with Middle East CFO Alliance

01 Apr 2015

Grant Thornton are pleased to announce that we are the Strategic Partners of the Year’ for 2015 with Middle East CFO Alliance. MECA CFO Alliance is an international CFO networking group that operates globally with its members based in over 20 countries.

Mass personalisation and digital are key for UAE Hotels in run up to 2020

16 Mar 2015

The hotel industry has lagged behind other sectors in adopting technology to meet customer led demand, according to a new report from Grant Thornton, the global professional services firm.  

Hisham Farouk, CEO shares insights from the Hotel 2020 report on Dubai Eye Radio

16 Mar 2015

Hisham Farouk, CEO shares insights from the Hotel 2020 report on Dubai Eye Radio

Women in Eastern Europe point the way to senior management whilst in the UAE the path to leadership gains further support from government initiatives

08 Mar 2015

In mark of International Women’s Day, new research from Grant Thornton reveals that Eastern European countries dominate the international league table for senior female business leaders, including seven of the top ten, with Russia at number one.

Building momentum for the year ahead: Real Estate & Construction outlook

10 Feb 2015

The global economy has entered another period of uncertainty, with the Greek elections threatening to reignite the eurozone crisis and the dramatic fall in the oil price spooking markets.

Grant Thornton posts annual revenues of US$4.7 billion

19 Jan 2015

Grant Thornton today announced record combined global revenues of US$4.7 billion driven by 4.6% growth in US dollars (4.9% in local currency) for the year ended 30 September 2014.

Grant Thornton donation to UNICEF tops US$360,000

27 Dec 2014

Grant Thornton donated USD30,950 to UNICEF UK as part of its ongoing association through the International Business Report (IBR). This takes the total donation made through the project over the past eight years to over US$360,000.

New audit regulation in Abu Dhabi leads the way to change

17 Dec 2014

The notion of transparency and rotation has been a long standing debate in relation to the audit market both within the UAE and globally.

Finding the right external auditor

16 Dec 2014

As the Gulf region assimilates into the global marketplace, corporate governance plays a dynamic role in improving the transparency, accountability, competitiveness and the notion of succession planning. Countries with a strong corporate governance culture attract greater domestic and foreign direct and portfolio investment.  

OECD BEPS project faces uphill battle in reducing business scepticism on intergovernmental tax action

15 Dec 2014

Businesses want greater guidance on acceptable tax planning. Two global business surveys conducted by Grant Thornton finds businesses sceptical about the success of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) BEPS Project on intergovernmental action on tax and wanting greater clarity as to what is acceptable and unacceptable tax planning - even if this provided less opportunity to reduce tax liabilities across borders.