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Integrated Performance Management: How is it aligned with shareholder value?

11 Feb 2016

In order to enhance shareholder value and align employees’ efforts with this overarching objective, businesses have been introducing and implementing various performance management tools and techniques: strategy implementation dashboards, balanced scorecards, planning and budgeting methodologies, management reporting dashboards, product and service costing methodologies amongst others.

Hisham Farouk: start considering ERP implementation

10 Feb 2016

Hisham Farouk, CEO of Grant Thornton shares his insights with Wealth Monitor Magazine on what businesses can do now to prepare for the introduction of VAT. Considering that the UAE and other GCC countries are mulling over imposing VAT in the medium term, how businesses in the UAE can attune their processes to the impending tax and what measures companies must start considering now prior to the introduction of VAT?  

Middle East & Africa offers strong market growth for businesses

20 Sep 2015

The Middle East & North Africa ranks well above North America, Europe and Latin America in terms of market growth opportunities according to the Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index (GDI) 2015. However, the region is lagging behind on a number of other indicators including labour market and financing environment.

Think responsibly: CSR reporting

08 Sep 2015

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting is an opportunity for a company to showcase its personality and ethics to its customers as well as the greater community. It highlights issues that are close to the company’s core values through the causes it contributes to, and the way in which those contribution are made.

Grant Thornton posts annual revenues of US$4.7 billion

19 Jan 2015

Grant Thornton today announced record combined global revenues of US$4.7 billion driven by 4.6% growth in US dollars (4.9% in local currency) for the year ended 30 September 2014.

Growing business focus on sustainability in emerging markets

01 Oct 2014

With momentum building towards the UN Climate Change Conference in Peru, new figures from Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR), a survey of 2,500 companies in 34 economies, reveal that businesses leaders in emerging markets are more focused on the sustainability of their operations compared with peers in developed markets.

New styles of global leadership

03 Mar 2014

New research from Grant Thornton reveals a stark regional split in business leadership practices. While Asia Pacific and Latin American economies appear more open to the use of coaching, intuition and creativity, peers in Europe rely on more traditional practices. This split in leadership styles also closely mirrors a divergence in the proportion of women in senior positions.