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Can EXPO 2020 be best experienced by the world in today's crisis?

01 Apr 2020

The true impact of the pandemic is not going to be known for a while and no one knows for certain when the world will completely return back to normal - this uncertainty is here to stay for quite some time.

Dubai bank relief to avert defaults - Khaleej Times

23 Mar 2020

The relief package rolled out by Dubai banks for small, medium and large businesses on Saturday will ease pressure, allow better financial management and save many firms from defaulting on their payments, according to executives of top UAE-based companies.

Coronavirus: Business owners hail Abu Dhabi stimulus package - Gulf News

17 Mar 2020

Abu Dhabi: SME owners and business leaders in the UAE have hailed the initiatives announced today to aid Abu Dhabi-based businesses grappling with the coronavirus impact.

UAE businesses hail UAE Central Bank’s AED 100 bn stimulus - AMEinfo

16 Mar 2020

Business houses across the country have welcomed the much-needed AED 100 billion ($27.2bn) economic stimulus plan announced by the UAE Central Bank on Saturday. The stimulus measure is part of a comprehensive action plan to help corporates and customers overcome the liquidity and solvency crisis, at a time when the coronavirus outbreak and the oil price collapse are adversely affecting deposits and lending.

UAE banks will have to process consumer complaints within timeframe

17 Feb 2020

Banks and financial institutions in the UAE will have to process consumer complaints within a certain timeframe and also give clear reasons in writing on the matter under the new framework which the Central Bank is developing

New workplace guidebook for students launches in the Emirates

15 Feb 2020

A free careers book for students has been launched in the Emirates with the support of professional services firms Grant Thornton and PwC.

UAE businesses still have gaps in cyber space

15 Feb 2020

Even with cyber attacks an ever present danger, UAE businesses are just not doing enough to keep data safe.

James Tebbs of Grant Thornton UAE: “To develop resilience, take responsibility for your mistakes”

11 Feb 2020

In this interview series, we are exploring the subject of resilience among successful business leaders. Resilience is one characteristic that many successful leaders share in common, and in many cases it is the most important trait necessary to survive and thrive in today’s complex market.

Online Recruitment Fraud - The Business Breakfast at Dubai Eye 103.8

06 Feb 2020

Dubai police have arrested a gang of cyber criminals trying to steal up to a billion dollars in an employment scam. We speak to a legal forensics expert about how to spot - and avoid - online recruitment fraud. James Tebbs is a Forensics Advisory Partner at Grant Thornton.

World's fourth largest: Dubai-Abu Dhabi gas field discovery to boost UAE’s economic growth

05 Feb 2020

The massive gas discovery announced by the UAE authorities on Monday combined with recent oil and gas finds are expected to make the country energy self-sufficient while boosting the oil-GDP [gross domestic product] and external balances, according to economists and oil industry experts.