Emiratis are our first choice for employment​.

The Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council (ADTC) has the vision of making Emiratis the first employment choice in Abu Dhabi, and the mission of utilizing the Emirati human capital in Abu Dhabi; which are to be accomplished through the fruitful collaboration with different employers in the Abu Dhabi labour market.

Grant Thornton counts itself as one of the active employers in the market collaborating with ADTC to help in reaching its vision and mission. We at Grant Thornton are committed to employing and training Emiratis to become the future leaders in the accounting and finance industry, this is pursued through providing on job training, as well as sponsoring their professional accounting qualifications.

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“In line with GT’s commitment to the UAE, we have taken the lead in terms of establishing a fund specifically for the recruitment, training and development of young UAE Nationals.”


Samer Hijazi, Partner of Emiratisation