Women in Business

Grant Thornton UAE encourages and supports its female employees to be a part of the Women’s International Leadership Link network which is developed and managed by Grant Thornton International to support, encourage and promote females within the workplace.

We work with a number of senior females who represent the private and public sector and encourage the contribution and commitment which they bring to the board; we are equally as keen to expand this network and are always looking for dynamic leaders to share their own experiences.

Dr. Halah El-Sokari, Advisor to CEO of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development says:

 “From a corporate governance perspective, it is highly acknowledged that boardroom diversity can greatly improve the efficiency and function of the board and one of several measures that can be adopted to achieve greater diversity is to increase female board participation.  Having women on boards can have both practical and symbolic value as their contribution can be a positive element in achieving good corporate governance. Moreover, women can offer unique perspectives that can help boards and companies develop strategies for growth, better understand their customer base and more effectively address and manage risk.       

Evidence based on recent surveys suggest that companies with a strong female representation at board and top management levels perform better than those without and that gender-diverse boards have a positive impact on performance.  The fact that gender balance is seen as an important element in good corporate government and correlated with positive performance has prompted shareholders, the public consumer and even some governments to press for more diversity in corporate management and governance roles.  Board members now need to take note and begin to address the need for diversity both in the boardroom and on board committees.
To sustain progress related to gender balance and as we move forward to increase women participation at board and top management levels, businesses will need to attract, retain and develop the best female talent as a top business priority to retain global competitive advantage”.

Christiane Haber,Chief Executive Officer of FFA Dubai Ltd says:

“We have to thank the women leaders who fought for our empowerment without them we wouldn’t be here; my message is not to give up trying to do what you really want to do. Leaders are ordinary people with great determination, and it is possible to achieve anything in terms of business”.


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